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Fruits collected in Navarro Fruits are guided by high quality that comes with our employees and continuous hand with all our partners, finally achieving a great product. In this way, we create a large chain of development that motivates us to continue growing together.

Kent Mango

Considered one of the top four exotics fruits with a delicate taste that balances spicy and sweet, with a crunchy texture.

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Organic Ataulfo Mango

This variety is prized for its wonderfully creamy texture and is considered a premium mango.

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Crimson Seedless Grape

Crimson seedless grapes have elongated, pinkish-red berries with a crisp, firm skin and a juicy pulp.

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Red Globe Grape

This are the largest round red berries of all the red grapes grown. Famous for their large berry size and excellent shelf life.

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Superior Seedless Grape

World´s most popular seedless variety, characterized by the typical bright light green.

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