About Us

Our History

Navarro Fruits SAC is a peruvian company that began operations in 2006 with the acquisition of hectares of farmland located in northern Peru, in the districts of Tambogrande and Somate in the city of Piura. We started under the conceptualization of building a leading agricultural company in the agro-export market, specializing in the production and export of natural organic fruits to the most demanding markets in the world.

Who are we?

In Navarro Fruits we grow and manage grape and mango crops, for the local market and exportation.
Our main goal is to encourage and promote Good Agricultural Practices (BAPs) and post-harvest management, we intend to offer the best quality fruit.
All our procedures have in consideration our customers satisfaction, environmental care and social responsibility.


Grow a variety of natural and organic fruits oriented to satisfy our customer's needs. Our procedures and activities are ruled by international quality standards and ethical values, in order to improve people's life standards.


Become one of the three leading companies in Perú in the agro-export business of natural and organic products. Also being recognized for its leadership in agricultural trade by following the highest quality standards, which are reflected in our products and services.

Our Values



Our products have remarkable quality, through great efforts we have achieved an international prestige.



We are committed not only to satisfy the needs of our consumers in terms of quality of the products, but also on providing a great logistic support.


Social Commitment

All our operations interact within an optimal working environment, respecting ethical values, people, community and nature, framed within the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).